Friday, May 15, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday - The Guest Room

Ah...the Guest Room...a room, for me, that seems to get left behind. Often, our Guest Room has been filled with all of the stuff that didn't get used somewhere else. I did, however, recently (well, in the last two years) buy new bedding for that room and kind of cleansed it from some old had-beens, bringing in just a few accessories from other areas of the house.

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This is a view from the doorway into the room:

And proof #1 that this room gets ignored...the window treatments that need to be hung...they've been right there for at least a year:

The trunk at the foot of the bed was my NaNa's hope chest.

When we bought this house, because the Guest Room was on the first floor and would be easily accessible for her, I always thought of this as NaNa's room. She never actually lived here but I still see it as "her room" and keep her picture there. She loved "little fat birds" so I keep this pair of concrete ones there.
There's that bare window:

The right hand side of the bed.
The left hand side of the bed.

The mirror (proof #2)....

That needs to be hung on the wall....

Posted by PicasaAnd, last but not least, a few shots of the adjoining bath.

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Justin and Jenn said...

Oh my gosh- I absolutely LOVE everything about that room! And that towel holder is precious- where did you get that?

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