Monday, May 18, 2009

Little Fat Birds

(NaNa's favorite "little fat birds" with a picture of her as a child.)

My NaNa passed away one year ago today. I can still hardly believe that she's gone. Though, over time, mourning is replaced with memories and tears are replaced with loving thoughts, life is never the same. I have missed her so this past year.

She had a love for "little fat birds" (what she always referred to them as) and, because of her, they have become precious to me as well. I can never look at a pair of little fat birds without thinking of her.

Of all of her belongings, the thing that I wanted most was this pair of little fat birds (above)....a pair that I recall has been around for as long as I remember.

I've added a few others here and there as well (and will continue to do so) because they bring such sweet memories of her to the surface.

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Debbie said...

I think I have seen this picture at your house. Did not know that it was your Nana. I love the birds and how you have added to the pair. These birds will always bring you back to wonderful memories of your Nana. I also love the fact that sometimes the smallest things bring back the fondest memories.