Friday, April 24, 2009

Spring Break 2009

I'm really behind on posting and wanted to, at least, make one installment today.

Several weeks ago, we took a little trip during the boys' Spring Break. We decided to try out the new indoor waterpark (Wilderness at the Smokies) in Gatlinburg. It was AWESOME! Eventually, there will also be an outdoor water park also but, for now, the indoor was perfect for our trip. In this part of the country, in the Spring, you have to go much farther south to be able to do anything water-related in March and April.


Our sweet Addi went with us and we so enjoyed her company. Having a girl along (other than me, of course) was a change for the Williams family.


We experienced the gamot (weather-wise) as we were sunburned on Sunday and it snowed on Tuesday. Only in Tennessee.


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