Friday, April 24, 2009






What's that? You don't recognize these people? Never seen them on my blog before? neither.

Actually, I know that it's very odd and, perhaps, there are some sort of laws against it but, one day as I sat at the waterpark, there was this sweet little girl and, I think, her Daddy playing in the water in front of me.

What can I say? They were blocking my view into the far end of the pool (where MY kids were) and, after all, I have a new camera and some mean new skills from the class I took (you know the one where I didn't understand a thing that was taught...yeah...that one).

So...what did you expect me to do?

I practiced.
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Debbie said...

And you got some great shots of them. I think you learned more in that class than you think.

At first I thought I was on the wrong blog! lol!! Does not take much to confuse me!