Saturday, February 21, 2009

More on Doxa Weekend

The first question you ask yourself when you're expecting a group of teenage boys is this:

Do I have enough food?

...and you think the answer is "YES" but sometimes you may need to think again because, seriously, this morning's breakfast went like this.....

  • 54 scrambled eggs

  • 4 pounds of bacon

  • 40 biscuits

Now I must be honest, in addition to ten teenage boys, there were also two "little" boys (Braeden and Blake) as well as 6 adults (Jeff, Myself, Barry, Wendy, Kenny and Corey); however, I had one biscuit and two pieces of bacon....I'm just sayin'.

And, then lastly, I'm wondering.........

Who told Stephen he could do this?

We're having a great time. Well, actually, we (Jeff and I) opted to skip the early session and Laser Quest today so that we could rest a little and, of course, cook dinner.

More to come......


Linda said...

My son missed his DNow weekend this time. But having been before I know he loved it and was so appreciative of the host family. So I know you were appreciated as well. A lot goes into just feeding the teenage species of boys. :) I am sure all your hard work paid off.

Holly said...

LOL! That looks like plenty of food to me! Plenty of Diet Coke too, which is my personal addiction. :D

Debbie said...

I am positive that my husband had something to do with eating all of that food. This was the most amazing weekend that I have had in a long time. Even though I couldn't hardly function today. (Monday) I am not going to admit that I am to old for this because I enjoyed it to much. Thank you for hosting ALL of the guys. I don't know what we would do without your wonderful family.