Monday, February 23, 2009

Doxa - The Wrap-Up (Picture Overload Warning)

The weekend was a huge success and Jeff & I feel so very blessed to have been able to be a small part of it.
The session Friday night to kick things off was awesome. The band, Making Malorie, led us to the throne and Brent Gambrell brought a great message; all about His GLORY. We all returned to our Host Homes for some discussion time and, of course, snacks. The boys were up until at least 2 a.m. but were able to sleep in a little since we didn't have to report back to the church until 9:45 Saturday morning.

The only picture I could find of Brent is from his site ( A little small but I wanted you all to see him.

On Saturday, Brent continued his message and there was more Praise and Worship before being served pizza at the church for lunch. Immediately following, everyone made their way downtown for 3 hours of Laser Quest. After that, it was back to the Host Homes for a little relaxing and some dinner. Burgers and all the fixin's were in order. We all returned to the church that night for, of course, more Praise and Worship and Brent's wrap-up message. He challenged us all to BE a Christian and not just SAY that we are on when it is convenient. Many decisions were made, by Christians and non-Christians alike and I ask you to join me in praying for each of these. It was definitely the kind of weekend where lives were changed. Once we returned to the Host Homes on Saturday night, there were discussions about the day and then the leftover hamburgers made a reappearance (along with a little dessert). It was semi-quiet by 11:00 - 11:30 though a little bird tells me that there was still some fun and games going on.
Sunday morning doughnuts were served to the kids at church and it was so neat to see them all in their DOXA sweatshirts.

Again, I am so thankful to have been able to participate in this great event. We were certainly blessed in all of it. We have a great group of kids at PBF and I was happy to get to know some of them better.
Tom did a great job planning this event and the kids wanted to show him a little love. This is how they chose to do that......

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