Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Little Linking Love

I love blogs. I, admittedly, probably spend too much time following them but, can I just say that there are some awesome people out there? I have learned and gained so very much from reading the thoughts of others.

Today, I wanted to just share some recent things that I feel are linkworthy....

Kimba has decided to begin a weekly series titled, "Building a Soft Place to Land" where she plans to discuss all things home and homemaking. I love that she wants this to be a dialogue and I love even more that in this first installment, she shows us that we are not alone. It does so feel good sometimes to know that you're normal, huh?

In more ways than I dare to try and count, it has been a hard year for many of my church family members. The least of which are Bryan and Niki Ary . This sweet couple lost their first pregnancy a few months ago and just last week discovered that the baby that Niki currently carries may have Downs Syndrome. Today they met with the Specialist and, though not completely conclusive, it appears that that may not be the case. I love that Bryan and Niki, though of course, wanted to be educated and prepared that they KNEW beyond a doubt that the baby God was giving them was perfect in every matter what. He is so good. Thank you, Bryan and Niki, for your testimony of faith that He knows better than we and that, ALWAYS, He is faithful.

One of the first blogs that I ever followed was Kelly's and you may even recall that it was in connection with Kelly's blog that, early on in my blogging days, I participated in a little home tour of sorts with her. Kelly and her husband Scott have battled infertility and so very many have prayed that she would have the baby that their hearts desired. Last Friday that little baby girl (Harper Brown Stamps) was born weighing in at a whopping 9 pounds and 12 ounces. God knew that Harper would need to be at her ideal fighting weight for she was born with some heart/lung issues and had to be taken from Arkansas to Tulsa (to a Childrens Hospital) as her condition was dire. This sweet girl has been under medication for this entire first week of her life (sedated and paralyzed I believe) so as not to interfere with her body's need to heal. Anyway, each day Harper improves just a little and God is so good to give this family JUST what they need, JUST when they need it (I love that about Him). They have been overcome by the acts of kindness that have been shown to them and so very careful to give Him all praise, honor and glory. Kelly, her Mom, is so faithful to pray for others who are experiencing infertility and even started a Prayer Blog for those. Please join me in praying little Harper home...she has lots of sweet dresses, tutus and bows that are just waiting to be worn. Thank you, Kelly, for being so transparent in your blog and in your life; to always, always leave no room for doubt as to where your HOPE comes from.

I'm not organized. But I want to be so, go here and see what you can learn.

Have you seen my niece lately?

A new favorite (as if I needed anything else to keep me from doing the laundry) is Dreams of a Country Girl. Can't live with her (she's awfully skinny and cute), can't live without her (she's funny as all get out)!

And almost last but certainly not least is my sweet friend Debbie. This girl (and her husband) make me want to be a better me. They encourage and inspire me and I thank God that they are part of my life. Besides that, we are going to dinner with them tonight and I.CAN.HARDLY.WAIT....seriously. I love it anytime my Google Reader tells me Debbie has updated her blog because I know, reading it, will be an uplifting experience every single time. And, can I just be honest and tell you that sometimes I leave Debbie's blog up while I'm reading others because she has the best music choices ever. It's like a little worship service all on its own. And, now, I leave you with this vision of Kenny and Jeff who also like each other an awful lot. Perhaps a little too much, ya think?

Okay, this last little thing is not so much a link because, to be honest, I can't remember whose blog it was on but I really needed you all to see it so I googled "redneck tank top" and found the picture that I wanted to share with you, my sweet redneck friends. Let's make us all one of these - QUICK - before it gets warm. Think of how economical these will be. After all, you can get a six pack of tighty whiteys for little of nothing.

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Niki Ary said...

Thank you for your words of encouragment and sharing all of these blogs. I am truly blessed and I appreciate your prayers. God is good all of the time.