Monday, October 6, 2008

The Simple Woman's Day Book

For Today...

Outside my Window...The crepe myrtle near the back patio is drying up and not looking so pretty. Smokey (the Basset Hound) is sleeping as usual. God has given us a beautiful day!
I am thinking...About how blessed I am. About all of the things that I need to be doing.
From the learning rooms...I think that this is intended for homeschooling Moms which I'm not. Right now, as far as learning goes in this house...I am learning to eat better and move more and, today, Braeden is learning on a Field Trip to JA Biztown.

I am thankful for...Two healthy boys and a Husband who loves me.

From the kitchen...There's some ground chuck thawing in there. All of the chairs have been moved into the Living Room because I just mopped and the floors are still wet.

I am wearing...A pair of red shorts and a grey v-neck t-shirt.

I am reading...My Bible and "When God Speaks: Discerning the Voice of God".

I am hoping...The next time the Jehovah's Witnesses come to my door, I can discuss more about the differences in our beliefs.

I am creating...No creating going on here today (except in my head); however, I did just finish some art pieces for my niece-to-be's nursery. Hope to do a post on that soon.

I am hearing...The dog snore.

Around the house...Honestly...a mess. One half-made bed and two that haven't been touched. Toys and laundry on the floor upstairs and a mirror in the Master Bath that needs desperately to be cleaned.

One of my favorite things...Good smelling candles. Tyler Candles are favorites these days.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...Women's Ministry meeting tonight, Bible Study Tuesday, Jordan baseball game Tuesday night, Take Braeden to see Mrs. Teri's puppies Wednesday, grocery shopping, take housewarming gift to Staci and see her new "digs", Weight Watchers weigh-in on Thursday and head out of town with the "girls" Thursday p.m.

Here is a picture or thought I am sharing with you...If He cared enough to die on the cross for your sins, do you really think that He cares so little NOT to speak to you?

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