Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Nester made me think

Here I go referring to "The Nester" again. I heart her.

Some time ago, she had a post that intriqued me. Well, actually, her posts ALWAYS intrique me but apparently this one came at a time when I didn't have the time (at that moment) to read it right away. Instead, I saved it in bloglines and, today, went back to it to read and ponder. And ponder I have.

The title of this post is "Perfect vs. Good" which actually falls right in line with a saying that I've heard my husband say more than once. And that is, "Do not let the perfect get in the way of the good." Funny, how when I've heard that statement in the past, I've always applied it to someone else. Love me anyway, people, I'm just being real.

So...today as I thought about this and applied it to ME....

Well, can I just say that if someone wrote a book about this, my picture should don the cover. Let's see....

  • How many years have I been needing/wanting/dying to lose weight and get in shape? 20? And what has kept me from doing it? (Besides laziness) I'll tell you what...the fact that I felt that I had to do it PERFECTLY and if I wasn't going to do it PERFECTLY then I'd just rather not do it at all.
  • And since I've begun exercising regularly, how many times do I think if I can't do it at that exact PERFECT time in the morning when I'm used to doing it then I just might as well not do it at all?
  • How many times am I totally overwhelmed at my house and all that needs to be done? Uh...daily probably. But contrast that with the number of days that I could be accomplishing something and don't because I want it all done, all at once, PERFECTLY and if I can't have that, then I just won't do it at all.
  • How often, as I'm planning for dinner do I want to make some extravagant dinner, something new and exciting but then I realize that my kids won't eat it so I just opt for some same old, same old. Okay...there's more than one issue here. First, apparently, my kids are entirely too picky and I should make them eat what goes on the table and, secondly, I'm immature and irrational because I decide if I can't do the PERFECT thing that I want to do then I will just settle for next to nothing.
  • And lastly, for the big "OUCH" of it all...how often do I think that if I can't have a certain PERFECT amount of time (that I've decided upon) to spend in the Word, then I'll just skip it altogether?

As I read what I've just typed, I realize how completely selfish and irrational all of this is. I have absolutely, positively let the PERFECT get in the way of the good. And I didn't even realize I was an "all or none kind of girl".


Linda said...

Oh Kelley, I love this post and I hate this post all at the same time. I was so convicted reading it. I struggle with weight too and even started a weightloss blog AS IF it was going to get my lazy self up off the couch. I have never heard it put like you, through the Nester, put it. I never thought I was an all or nothing has to be perfect or not at all person either until I read this. Wow nothing like a dose of reality right before bed. :0 Thanks so much for sharing this it came at just the right time for me to stop by.
I will pray for you Kelley, and I covet any prays from you in this area.

Anonymous said...

Well... you just described me to a "T". Today I will work on good and throw perfect out the window.

Cindy Couey

Debbie said...

Wow! This hit the nail on the head. I have been struggling with the diet issue. The time or the diet never seems right. I don't have to do it "PERFECT" I just need to try. I also struggle with my time in the Word. I find myself doing all of my bible studies in one day.(Because of guilt) To selfish to give God a few minutes a day.
You're right we are letting the perfect get in the way of the good.
Thanks for this eye opener.

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

great post!

I relate WAY too much... :)