Monday, October 6, 2008

Just a tad proud

As most of you know (since MOST everyone who reads this blog is related), I have two sisters and two "baby" brothers (20 and 21 years younger than me). Technically, they are each 1/2 brothers and I've sometimes joked that the two of them combined make one whole brother but the truth is, these are my brothers...nothing 1/2 about it (except the DNA of course) My "baby" brothers are both approximately 6'4" tall which is tall for normal standards but, me, I'm all of 5'2" so their heighth is even more evident when I'm around. These boys are both real blessings to me and I have always been so proud of their accomplishments.

Carson is currently playing college football for Cumberland University. He was recruited and wanted to play right out of high school but tore his ACL playing a pick-up game of basketball. He has since had a couple of surgeries and was released from the doctors. He is academically a Junior but sports/eligibility wise, he's a Freshman so we have several more years of watching him play football ahead of us while he gets his degree and possibly his Masters. We are all very excited about following his career, dressing in Maroon & Black and cheering him on.

Saturday was his first home game and he had a large crowd present. Mom and Les (of course...they have traveled to all of his away games as well), Erica (his girlfriend who has also been to all of his games), Jordan, Braeden and I, John, Ashley, John and Sam as well as Bro. Mark and Dena Caruth. They beat Bethel 44-16 and Carson got LOTS of playing time.

As well as this being Carson's first year to play College football, it's also John's (my nephew) first year to play football at all. He plays for the Smyrna Bulldogs and is on quite a team. They have only been scored on once the entire season. Both of our family football heroes share the same number: 79. John was so proud to wear his uniform to the game and have his picture made with Carson who, several years ago, was "UnTle Tarson" to this little cutie.

Sorry for the crick in your neck....I have no idea how to rotate these pictures.

Upcoming blog post.....a little bragging on my husband....stay tuned!

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