Monday, August 25, 2008

It's time...

....for an update. I know, I know. I'll get to it soon as I'm sure that this little teaser will not hold you off long (Jeff).
....for a diet. Oh, I're not supposed to call it that. It's a "lifestyle change" but, let's be honest, it is what it is and I joined Weight Watchers last Thursday. We'll see how the week goes. So far so good.
....for a maid. Just kidding. I cleaned house, literally, ALL.DAY.LONG on Friday and still didn't do all that I needed to do. There is just something about that first little house we owned; I could clean it top to bottom in one evening. And also...I have obviously been very lazy this summer.
....for some nursery decorating. My sister, Ashley, is expecting Baby #3 and IT'S A GIRL!!! In my family, there are 5 grandsons and, so far, one granddaughter (Tate) and now this one on its way. We can hardly wait for Sadie Katherine's arrival and the bedding Ashley bought is so cute. I have some ideas stirring for the room and am off to Hobby Lobby this week to get some supplies - SURPRISE ASH!!!
....for a nap. It's rainy outside today and rainy days are always good nap days. But, I won't be getting one. It sounded good though.
....for some organizing. I vowed (to myself) this morning to clean and organize one closet/storage area each week until they are all done. Looks like I'll be doing some Rubbermaid shopping in the coming weeks.
....for some new Fall clothes (smile); right honey?
....for me to finish the book I am reading, for pete's sake. I love to read and, most times, I will finish a book in a matter of days but, for some reason, this particular one (Mercy by Jodi Picoult) has taken me months. Really. It's not a bad book at's very good but I seem to read it in spurts and only at times when I'm waiting (like at the Orthodontist's office or in the car rider line) and never even bring it into the house. It has taken me FOR.EVER which is so weird. go pick up the kids at school so that they are not standing in the rain wondering where in the world I am.


Ashley said...

I can't wait!!!

Heather said...

Can you put me on the list for a maid and some fall clothes please. That would be great. I need those things too. Very, very badly.

Linda said...

It's time for all those things here too. Especially the diet. I have been trying. I hope you do very well at your weigh in this week. The nap would be great too but it is only 7:40am so I guess that won't happen for me either.
Have a great day!

Staci said...

Can I borrow the book when you finish it?