Tuesday, August 26, 2008

God's Love

What a powerful message of a father's love for his "imperfect" son. And, yet, how much more does our Father in Heaven love us? Hard to imagine, huh?


Becca said...

That is absolutely incredible. I saw a story once on that family--what an awesome father. He refuses to do a race without his son. What love!!

Debbie said...

Kelly thank you for that beautiful video. An amazing example of a fathers love for his son. We can not imagine the love our Father has for us.

Linda said...

I have seen this before and everytime I cry.

jill jill bo bill said...

Kell-(I can call you that, right since we are instant friends?)
Thank you thank you for the incredibly wise words you gave me about the "situation". I feel exactly the same about her maturity level, both spiritually and emotionally and really need a unbiased opinion. I,too, don't want to "allow" her to miss out on things with her dad that she will one day regret. When it's his idea, because of our past, it is hard to agree with him. But I do, to a point. Maybe I can fill you in on some things thru email that I would prefer not going public. Ya know?
Thanks again for posting a comment and please come back.