Friday, August 29, 2008

A Facebook Funny

Some months ago, I joined Facebook. I did it in order to prowl around and check it out while I decided whether or not I was okay with my then 14-year-old having his own Facebook account. Once I decided to allow him to do it, I was going to remove my account and let him sign up using my email address so that I would always get the email notifications and could keep an eye on what was going on on there. What can I say...I'm just nosy in his life like that. I am figuring it is payback for being a week overdue when he finally had to be taken by c-section. Anyway...with Facebook, once you've used an email address to establish an account, you can not reuse that same email address so when it got time to set up Jordan's account, my plan didn't work and we had to get him his own email address. Anyway, to make a long story not so long, I kept my Facebook page even though my original plan was only to test it out and then give it up. I had begun to get friend request's, etc. and just kind of went with it.

Fast forward to this week and now I have a confession to make. Apparently, I am NOT cool! I have a Facebook page but I know very little about how to use it or all of its capabilities.

Earlier this week I got a notification on my email that said something like this, "Your Friend (name withheld because of the millions of people who read this blog) has sent you 'Pieces of Flair'". I clicked on the link to "Pieces of Flair" (whatever that is) and proceeded to receive the flair that I was sent. FYI...flair looks like a little button and has a pic or a phrase of some sort on it. This particular one said something about the only thing better than a friend is a friend with chocolate (cute). So, here I am in Flairville, having no idea what to do next when the screen tells me that I'm out of flair credits. OH NO...OUT OF FLAIR CREDITS...WHAT'S A GIRL TO DO?!?!?!

This knowledge of my lack of flair suddenly took on a life of its own and I became intent on earning more flair credits. But why? I've walked 41 years on this earth and survived them all with no flair. Thanks a lot, if I don't have enough to worry about.


Anonymous said...

Girl... I am right there with you. I told J. the other day that I was not accepting anymore friends.

The crazy thing is I did this to spy/help my 12 year old and he now is helping his mom.

Cindy Couey

Steph said...

Ok, I am cracking up---I, too, just joined Facebook. My friend asked me to join so that I could look at her pictures. So I did. Had to set it all up. Today I get an email saying she wrote on my Wall. WHAT? It asked if I wanted to write back on her Wall. WHAT? So you are way ahead of me, Kelley! I have no flair to speak of. Sigh...I am so old--like I used to think my parents were so out of it. I am that parent!

New to your blog. Love your writing!

Linda said...

You are too funny. I don't know a thing about facebook except what is on my son's becasue I am nosy and I read it all. In fact he could only have one if I knew the password. I am trying to find the balance between caring and overstepping my bounds. :)
Hope you are racking up on the flair credits if you found out how to earn them. :)

Jennifer said...

Not to make you feel older or anything but the reason it's called "flair" is because of the movie Office Space. Jennifer Aniston played a waitress at a restaurant that was supposed to be like TGIFriday's and she had to have at least 15 pieces of "flair" on her uniform. :)

Kelley said...

Hey...I've actually SEEN that movie which is nothing shy of a miracle. (I saw it on TV not at the theatre so don't get too excited). I recall that about Jennifer Aniston's character but didn't know that that was what they were called.

amanda said...

hillarious! of course, you know that the term "flair" comes from the movie "office space," right?

amanda said...

nevermind...guess you do!

Melissa said...

haha! I love just sending flair to others so I have a TON of credits, you can have some of mine :P