Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I have heard that some people read blogs.

I actually heard that many people read many blogs but I don't think it's true.

I have also heard that some of these people spend a lot of time each day (or even multiple times a day) going to each and every blog only to find out that that blog hasn't been updated thus wasting time.

I have heard that there is this place called Bloglines where you can register yourself and the blogs that you read so that you can just go to one place ( to check out ALL your favorite blogs.

I heard that when you log on, only the blogs that have been updated, will be in bold and you can click on those to read the latest.

I'm not really into reading blogs. I have a lot more important things to do. But, just in case you are, I wanted you to know.

I'm just sayin'........

1 comment:

Linda said...

I don't need to find out more about bloglines because I don't read blogs either.. Just sayin....