Friday, July 18, 2008

I've been thinking lately.....

My husband said it was time for a new post and, since I don't have any great post ideas brewing, I think that I'll just do something random; something random and borrowed.


While in the shower:
Why is it that I have seven different shower/tile cleaning products in the cabinet and NONE of them actually do the job?

While in the passenger seat of the car as my 15-year old drives:
No matter how hard you SHOVE your foot into the floorboard, you are NOT going to stop this car; there are no brakes on this side!

While at church:
I wonder who's wiping God's tears as He witnesses this?

While in the kitchen:
I wish I was Rachael Ray or my friend Aarol (or really anyone who LIKES to cook).

While cleaning the Bonus Room (which is my boys' domain):
How is it that I am raising such pigs?

While reading blogs:
I sure am boring and there sure are some neat people out there.

While doing laundry:
Where does this stuff come from and why is there NEVER an end?

While praying:
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

While looking at my boys:
Where did the time go?

While in the presence of a group of Christian friends:
God is so good!

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