Saturday, July 19, 2008

God is SO good!

On a couple of different occasions lately, I have remarked here about the dissension in the church that my family and I have attended for 20+ years. It has been a sad and disappointing time but a time where He has continually revealed himself more and more to me. This past week, the inevitable finally happened. What is now our former church has split. Things were said and done that should not happen in the world much less in His church.

God is SO good and we realize, perhaps more than EVER before, that He is in control. His ways are so much better than ours. We have now become part of something very exciting and we give Him the glory for it all.

Tomorrow morning, we will fellowship for the very first time as Providence Baptist Fellowship. I can not even begin to describe how God has provided for this to happen and how humbled we are to be a part. However, I covet your prayers for this new church and also for the one that we left behind. It does and will always hold a special place in our hearts. I wish only the best for their congregation as well.

In the meantime, tonight we gathered for a special time of prayer for PBF. We met at a local park and God showed UP and showed OUT. I love it when that happens!!!!

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Linda said...

Oh, Kelley what a great turn out. I can't wait to hear how this morning goes.