Saturday, May 17, 2008

Saturday Morning "Post"

The latest information on NaNa is that she was moved to the Alive Hospice Residence on Friday. Her at-home hospice nurse recommended that we do so due to the fact that her fluids were starting to build and, with it being the weekend, no one wanted her to come to a time of crisis and not have immediate help. She was taken to the unit by ambulance...the same service that has been transporting her to dialysis for many, many months. One of the techs was someone familiar. As they were putting her on the gurney, she was asking how his baby girl was doing and conversing about his other coworkers. Her mind is incredibly sharp.

Mom and I spent the night with her last night and, I have to say, we had some laughs. The sleeping arrangements were much less than desirable to the point of being comical. Mom slept on a pull out chair-type thing that she described this morning as feeling as if you were sleeping on an ironing board. Just imagine that. It was so narrow and the mattress hard as a rock. I slept on a roll away bed and could feel every bar and spring through the pitiful mattress. Last night, as we quieted and turned out the lights we just couldn't help but be tickled at our predicament. NaNa said, "Well...I am worried about Kelley...she looks like a turtle" and "I feel kind of bad laying up here so comfortable". She also asked me at some point, "Do you have a bar in your butt?". She was feeling really sorry for my arrangement but I was actually feeling as if I'd won the lottery compared to poor Mom.

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