Thursday, May 22, 2008

Pray for the Chapman family

I don't personally know Steven Curtis Chapman or any of his immediate family. I know people who know him. I live in the same County as he does and I admire he and his wife Mary Beth's commitment to family, to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and for the huge impact that they have made on behalf of orphans. They are avid advocates of adoption and have adopted themselves three daughters from China.

As most of you have heard or read, the youngest of those daughters, Maria, was tragically killed yesterday afternoon as she played outdoors at their home. She was run over by an SUV being driven by the Chapman's own son. I can't fathom anything more horrific.

I wanted to join others in asking for your prayers for this family. You may also visit this site ( and leave the family a message.

Just yesterday, my Grandmother was buried. Though I still can't believe that she's gone and I continue to cry many tears for the void that is left with her absence, I do know that she is with Jesus and I rejoice for her! My grief is real but in comparison to what it must feel like for this family at this time, I simply can NOT imagine. Thank God for their belief in Him that it provides hope for the future; that they will see sweet Maria again someday soon. I can't help but think, in the meantime, that my NaNa is now Maria's NaNa and that she was there when Maria arrived. Maybe they're learning the ropes together.

Please remember each and every member of the Chapman family as they learn to live life without Maria.

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