Friday, May 30, 2008

One down, One to go and other randomness

I posted several weeks ago about my then-upcoming surgeries.

I did have surgery yesterday. It was outpatient and all went well. The mass that was removed is still believed to be benign (a fibroadenoma) but has been sent for further pathological diagnosis. For all who were concerned (both of you - ha), Jeff has been the BEST nurse ever. I never expected less.

My Lasik surgery was rescheduled for July 2nd. I'm back in my contacts for the time being but will have to sport my "dorky glasses" again soon for the two weeks leading up to surgery.

My boys are officially out of school. They've actually been out since last Thursday. Things haven't been too exciting for them up to this point between my Grandmother's illness, subsequent death and this surgery stuff. They haven't complained which could be a first. We don't have family trips planned for the summer for the first time in a long time. Jordan is going on a few Youth trips and they are both participating in Super Tuesdays/Fun Thursdays at church (Jordan as a Counselor and Braeden as a participant). I am beginning a new Beth Moore bible study - Stepping Up - on Tuesday mornings and I'm sure we'll be checking out the pool on a regular basis. I can hardly believe that in a couple of short months, I will be Mom to a Sophomore (with his Drivers Permit) and a Fifth Grader.

One of the blogs that I read (Kelly's Korner) has done a post this week asking for other bloggers to post pictures of their favorite rooms. That will be up and coming today or tomorrow for me.

Over the Memorial Day weekend, we rented a Pontoon boat on Cordell Hull Lake. We rose bright and early on Saturday morning, met up with Mom and Les (at 6:30 am) and headed that way. We stayed out on the water all day. Picnicking, fishing, pulling the boys on tubes, etc. Mom and I took books and got some reading in. It was a great day on the water.

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