Friday, May 30, 2008

Kelly's Korner idea

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I've been lurking on the site of one neat girl, Kelly (, and she had a post this week where she shared pictures of her favorite room and asked us to do the same so here goes......

In all reality, my favorite room is probably my bedroom but it's not clean today so I'm going with our Great Room.

I first want to pass along something that I learned from my sweet friend, LeAnn, about decorating. She has a saying that goes like this...."having NO-thing is better than having the WRONG thing". This might be the first house that I've lived in that I've followed this rule to a tee. In the past, I would put the wrong thing in a spot just to have something. Now, I leave areas empty until I have just the right thing and, in this room, I've slowly but surely filled it up with the right stuff. LeAnn also says not to buy something unless you "LOVE" it.

I love this piece. It's really supposed to be a buffet for a Dining Room but, here, I've used it to anchor this really large wall (20 foot ceilings) and the flat screen TV (another love).

Here's an end view of this piece from the foyer and a sneak preview peek at the mantle....coming up next.

I love this "gate" - it was a Yard Sale find ($20.00) and then there's the portrait of my boys at ages 5 and 10. They are now 10 and 15 but, in all honesty, this picture was done so classically (Griggs Photography) that it doesn't even look as if it was taken that long ago. However, I do have plans to redo them this year. The other thing that I love on my mantle are these floral arrangements. I can't even tell you how much grief I've gotten over the years regarding the "dead birds" in these arrangements. I love, love, love PHEASANTS! They are so beautiful. I bought a whole garbage bag of pheasant carcus' on Ebay once. I've used the tail feathers in some things, I've made wreaths out of others and then finally took two of the whole bird(s) to my favorite floral designer (Chris at Trees 'n Trends). He is awesome. I take him items that I have (in this case, my dead birds, my old candlesticks and some greenery) and sometimes choose items from his store, I tell him what I have in mind (usually I just say "something unique") and he whips it up for me. He never disappoints...never!

I love my round(ish) sofa (and my sweet dog, Baxter, who didn't bother to move). I actually fell in love with a sofa at Crescent Furniture before we moved into this house. I saved for it and finally bought it only for it to fall almost completely apart. They were so good to allow me to choose another one and, truth be known, I think that I like this one better. And...just so you know, when you have a round(ish) sofa, you need a round coffee table or, in this case, ottomon to fit just right. I had a great square one that was chock full of storage but it just didn't work with the curve of the sofa. Oh...I also LOVE my laptop which you see in the floor. And, that rug, I'm not kidding was $19.00 at Southeastern Salvage. I wish I'd bought more than one and just use them as "disposables".

I love this cluster of Yard Sale and hand-me-down mirrors. I had them at our last house and just kind of re-placed them on a similar wall when we moved.

Last but not least, I love this chair. I had seen it at American Signature Furniture but could not, would not pay the price they were asking. I'd just look at it, sit in it and leave. Then one day I went into their clearance room (at the back of the store) and there it was. Believe it or not, I left there that day and didn't buy it. Don't ask me why!!! The next morning I called to see if it was still there and went to get it right away. The little side table is an antique which I inherited from my Grandmother's cousin, Anne. On top of it, alongside the neat finials, are a picture of my NaNa as a baby and her 1920's lamp. Underneath are more treasured things (my Childrens Living bible, my NaNa's bible, a crystal bowl that belonged to her and two pictures of my father-in-law as a child).

I think that's it; however, I am thinking that I should've done some close-ups of the pheasant arrangements and/or of the mantle altogether. Maybe I'll add that later.

Hey Nester...if you're out there...these are the windows that the lady wanted to charge $3400.00 for panels. I'm trying to get up the nerve to try some "Mistreatments" here.


Kelly said...

Oh I LOOOOOOVVVVEEEEEE your living room. I love your taste. I REALLY love that buffet you have under your TV!!! It is gorgeous!!!!

Jennifer said...

Everything is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing your home!

Heidi Zawisza said...

Is that couch circular?? That ROCKS!!!! I love it!!!!!

Have a great weekend!
Heidi Zawisza

The Nester said...

Girl, your room is lovely! I love the gate but the buffet is my very favorite! I love your friend's advice and totally agree!

I find that when I settle for something that I don't love or that isn't right, then I never feel ok about replacing it. It's so much easier to purchase a chair when you have an empty space that needs one as opposed to having an ugly chair in the place. blah yakkity blah....

Any way, yes, I can see them charging so much for your window treatments. I'd get together with that friend of yours because two heads are better than one and go shopping for fabric swatches. Get 2 rods one for each window. I have those same upper windows and I just pretend like they do not exist. I know people do those long 2 story drapes but I think they look formal, fussy and even a little dated. But if you love it--go for it.

Get two rods, find some pretty fabric--even if you found fabric for $30 a yard and got 3 yards for each panel you would only be spending $360. Have you checked out half price drapes on line? They have good prices for premades too!

Good luck!

ocean mommy said...

I LOVE YOUR ROOM!!! It's so me.. :)

We had a Southeastern Salvage in fact, my dad has done a lot of furniture for the owner's home.

Your sofa is great! I love conversation sofas like that.

Beautiful job!


His Doorkeeper said...

I love your home! So beautiful! Love your rounded couch! Your colors and style are great! Isn't it nuts what they want for curtains professionally done? I just wouldn't do it even if I could afford it....I would spend the money for a nice piece of furniture or a trip!

Meredith said...

Your room is beautiful. I love pheasant feathers as well. My favorite thing in your room is the buffet-gorgeous!!

Linda said...

Thanks for stopping by. I looked at your room earlier and I ended up having to play referee with my little ones so I did not get to post yet. I love the gate. What a great idea for such a big space and I love the nester as well. Can't wait to see the "window mistreatments" you come up with.
We come to your area often for soccer tournaments for my older son. It is really pretty up there. I am about 4 hours west of you in the same state. Bet you can't guess where? :)

Faith said...

Wow!! What a gorgeous room! I LOVE the buffet and your sofa/ottoman are equally fabulous. Great taste!
Thanks for sharing!

Leigh Ann said...

What a gorgeous room! I love everything about it! You really have great style!

petrii said...

WOW how beautiful!! You have wonderful taste and style. I love the gate above the mantel; good find. And I also love all of the sweet things you have from your NaNa. What great memories. Great 1920's lamp; I could go on and on. Oh I did mistreatments in my kitchen, and love love love them. I now what to do them in my living room ~~ well see!! Have a GREAT weekend, Dawn

Bella said...

Thanks for the comment! I LOVE your room and I particularly love the buffet! I love great pieces of furniture!

Cena @ Unexpected Necessities said...

Love your buffet...absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

lolly said...

I found you from Kelly's and found Kelly's from I don't remember...Just wanted you to know I love love love your decorating!

I especially like the way your flat screen almost disappeared. I didn't notice it the first time looked at the picture.

Thanks for sharing!