Monday, May 5, 2008

i am.....

i am: Blessed!
i think: too much
i know: I am loved.
i want: to be a Size 10-12
i have: a hot husband and two great kids
i wish: I weren't selfish.
i hate: Green peas.
i miss: my Papa
i fear: losing a loved one
i feel: tired everyday around 4:00
i hear: a neighbor cutting his grass
i smell: Nothing really....need to light a candle
i crave: Coke - the Real thing
i search: Bible Gateway when I'm looking for scripture
i wonder: what it will be like when my kids are grown and gone
i regret: not being more verbal with my feelings
i love: my Husband
i ache: for those who are missing the boat
i care: about orphans
i always: make my bed
i am not: detail oriented
i believe: God has something great in store for Brent Bumgarner today at 3:00
i dance: nowadays to embarrass my children
i sing: quietly so that no one has to hear me
i cry: in waves - sometimes not much at all and sometimes over everything
i don’t always: have my quiet time and Bible study like I should
i fight: rarely
i write: a lot of lists
i win: Everyday when I wake up and realize what God has given me.
i lose: When I forget from where my blessings come.
i never: balance my checkbook
i confuse: what I need and what I want
i listen: to Jerry House in the morning every chance I get
i can usually be found: doing laundry
i am scared: I'll never get caught up on my boys' scrapbooks
i need: May 21st to get here so that I can have Lasik and get rid of these glasses
i am happy about: the love that Jesus has for me

What about you?


The Nester said...

well, i just had to come and visit you asap! now, after reading this i feel like i already know you! way to go on skipping the $$$$ window treatments! There are some people out there who will make you feel like it's an absolute must to have all the right things.

Looks like you know the secret to the real right things!

Your fan!

petrii said...

I just found your blog through the Nester and you are so cute!! I just love it!!

I also had Lasik (actually Intralase) almost 2 years and it was the absolute best money we've spent in like a really long time!! I wore glasses for about 35 years (I mean the coke-bottle, blind w/o them kind of glasses). Now I do have to wear reading glasses, but that is fine with me I do everything else glasses free. My eye sight is now 20/25 ~~ amazing.

Well, I've commented way too long. I invite you to visit my blog. Have a Blessed Mother's day,