Friday, May 9, 2008

Has anyone seen my little boy?

Lately, I look at Jordan (my almost 15 year old) and wonder just how it happened.

First, he is just about to complete his first year of High School - OH MY!!! How can that be? I would swear that I was just in High School myself. I often think to myself, "I was with his Dad at this point in my life", as Jeff and I have been "going together" since we were 14. I must confess, Mom, I thought that I was so grown at that time and I realize now that I soooo WASN'T.

Secondly, he SHAVES. And that's all I have to say about that.

Third, he has a voice that's deeper than his Dad's.

Lastly, he TOWERS over me and he's taller than his Dad by a couple of inches. He often jokingly says to me (at least he better be joking...with his moods and attitudes he might not be...hmmm), "Don't make me come down there." Twice today, someone has commented about how tall he is. He got his hair cut this afternoon and my friend Janice had seen him in the back of the salon but didn't realize it was him until she put two and two together after seeing me. As she was chatting with me, a light bulb went off. She said, "is that your son back there with Dana?". "Yes", I said. She said, "OH MY!!! He's a MAN.". So funny. Then tonight we went to visit my little grandmother. She said, "oh me, he's big" as she hugged him goodbye.

What happened to those days when I dressed him so cute, with monogramming and knee socks?

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Anonymous said...

I know how you feel girl! Kaleb is driving and I'm not handling it too well! It doesn't seem that long ago you and Jeff brought Jordan to Kaleb's 1st birthday party-Jordan being only 6 months old at the time. Time flies and it literally scares me to death! We got to be prayed up!!!!! Kaleb isn't shaving yet though and that is HILARIOUS!!!