Monday, May 7, 2007

Debbie and Lacy

In our lives, we often come in contact with people who have that something "special". Debbie and Lacy Gatlin are two of those people for us. They are a Mother (Debbie) and daughter (Lacy) who have a unique bond with one another and exude a sweet, sweet spirit toward everyone around them. Debbie lost her short-lived but hard-fought battle with cancer last night. I can't imagine how Lacy must be missing her. I can imagine, however, the celebration that occurred when she arrived at Heaven's gates. Lucky Debbie......Lucky Heaven! I am so thankful that Lacy has the HOPE that is provided through Him....that it is only a matter of time until she is reunited with her sweet Mama.

Lord, I pray that you will show us how to minister to and love on Lacy. She will be graduating in just a couple of weeks and though she won't be there in body, we all know that Debbie will be there in spirit.


The Gordons said...

Look at my blog---I tagged you!!

kenzie said...

hi my name is Kenzie Roark. I went to school with Lacy at Ezell- Harding, and we grew up togetehr since we were 8 weeks old at Mama Ruth's. We both transferred schools the same year and just lost touch. I was hoping you could help me contact her. Your help is appreciated. My e-mail is


melanie, aka Mo said...

Thanks for letting me know about Joseph. I DID offer up my advice and a few other contacts. You are right, I really did feel like I wanted to help him. Thanks, Melanie