Monday, April 30, 2007

How old do I have to be?

One day last week, Braeden and I were the only ones home and as I was preparing our dinner, there was a conversation that went something like this:

B: Mom, when you get dinner done, do you want to sit here with me so that we can have a talk?

Mom: Sure.

Mom arrives at the table and makes some small talk with Braeden. You know, "how was your day?", "do you have homework?", "what did you eat for lunch?". Braeden proceeds to cut to the chase.

Braeden: Mom, I've been thinking and talking to some of my friends and I was just wondering.....How old do I have to be when I can kiss a girl?.

Insert Mom carefully thinking of an answer here.

Braeden: Tyler and Matt asked their Mom's and THEY have to be, like, 15 or 17!!! ( Imagine this comment being made in complete and total shock and awe....with a little sympathy for poor Tyler and Matt thrown in).

Mom: Actually, I was thinking 18 or 20 but 15 - 17 might be fair.

Braeden: MMOOMM! (Insert eyes rolling here)

Mom: What age were you thinking, Braeden? (I say to my 9-year-old son)

Braeden: 10

This conversation seemed to go on forever, taking new avenues along the way.

*Braeden had a form for me to fill out for an upcoming birthday party at the local gymnastics place. The form was fairly common with a place for Name, Address, etc. Braeden was telling me that I needed to complete it and as he turned it over and took a look, he exclaimed....


He couldn't believe his eyes. There...on the said, SEX.

I explained that that meant, "Are you a boy or are you a know, a male or a female?". He said, "OHHHHHHHH....I thought that they were talking about a boyfriend and a girlfriend.

Lastly, he went the route of "when I get married". He wanted to know if his Dad and I would come. He said he thought he might want to be one of those people who makes a lot of money and moves to Hollywood. I expressed concern that he'd be living so far away; to which he replied, "It's okay, Mom, you can come and see us sometime". Oh, thanks son, I appreciate that!


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Helen Edlin said...

I loved it! The joys of being a mom......YOU get to answer questions such as this!

Aunt Helen