Tuesday, August 2, 2011

He Has A NAME!

Updated to add: GOD IS GOOD....."Baby E" will have surgery THIS Friday (day after tomorrow) in Ethiopia. God has BIG plans for this LITTLE boy.....please continue to pray for his healing and his future!

And his name means "the Lord is my God". (Due to the fact that he is an orphan, I can't tell you his name on a public site....but God knows.)

When we toured the orphanage and played with the children, there in a room full of tiny babies was one...one who didn't seem well, one whose little head was disproportionate and misshapen, one who lay in his tiny little crib...one who didn't have a name.

But that just wouldn't do for one of my team members, now friend's.

LeAnne couldn't live with the fact that he didn't have a name and so she gave him one.

LeAnne immediately began advocating for this sweet baby who was abandoned at birth. "Baby E" was taken to see the doctor this past week. "Baby E" has hydrocephalus. "Baby E" needs surgery. And soon. Without it, he will not live.

Could you pray with me, BY NAME, for "Baby E" and if you know of ANYONE who may be able to help us to get him here (he will need an emergency medical visa) and/or anyone who might be able to help make a connection with a Surgeon and Hospital who would be willing to donate "Baby E's" surgery, please contact me at kelleywms@hotmail.com.

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