Saturday, July 30, 2011

Do You See What I See?

As I was going through some of the pictures from my trip, I was reminded of several things that we saw that, maybe, would make for a fun game of sorts. And so, I present to you eight images from Ethiopia.

OH team members, you are not allowed to participate. : D

I'll come back in a day or so and fill in the blanks. If you care to leave a comment with your guesses, please go ahead.

Item #1: Water Station @ Yezelelem Minch

Item #2: Guard's Sleep Shack (every street has a guard and this is where he sleeps)

Item #3: POTTY !!!!

Item #4: MehKOHtaht Woeff : ) (Angry Birds in Amharic)

Item #5: Injera.....traditional Ethiopian food

Item #6: Monkey eating a Pringles potato chip

Item #7: Laundromat and/or Bath-house....when we first passed, people were doing their laundry; when we came back through, they were bathing

Item #8: Home Sweet Home


*Becky* said...

Seriously! What is #3??????

Niki Ary said...

1. Water storage-- tehy catch rainwater and that is how they drink, cook, etc.
2. A child's makeshift shelter or home.
3. A shower used by a large group of people/ and or a pit latrine.
4. A child seeing his picture on your ipad for the first time.
5. Animal skins being carried to make something?
6. A monkey of some sort eating candy from the side of the road.
7. People doing laundry in a makeshift laundrymat.
8. Houses.

I am sure that not all of these are correct, but they remind me of my time in Uganda. My heart breaks for Africa on a whole, and I am praying that one day God willg rant me the opportunity to go back and to take Caitlin with me.