Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ethiopia, Here We Come

In some ways, it seems like forever since I last posted on this blog; in others, it seems like it was just yesterday. Honestly, I wasn't sure that I'd ever begin blogging again but in the last months, God has been doing a work in me and something that I think is very blog-worthy has come up.

In July, my sister Ashley and I will be joining 25 or so others on a mission trip to Ethiopia. Our team will represent Ordinary Hero which is an organization/ministry that I have become aware of over the last couple of years. When I originally began reading about Kelly Putty and her OH ministry, I had no idea that she was LITERALLY my neighbor. Not next-door neighbor, but same subdivision neighbor. Sometimes it's just a small, small world that we live in.

And to prove how tiny this world can be, I was later introduced (through a Facebook posting by my actual next-door-neighbor) to another fellow Brentwood mom who actually took this same trip in 2010 with OH. The FB posting was actually just a call to stop by the Payne family's adoption yard sale (which I did) but God had plans beyond that as Gina has been such an encouragement and great source of information to me over these last months. By the way, that adoption yard was being held to raise funds to bring home sweet Daniel Mamo who Gina (and her son Robbie) met while in Ethiopia last July.....Daniel Mamo arrived home to Tennessee in December.

While in Ethiopia, we will be visiting various orphanages each day and will also visit Korah; an area in Ethiopia where people are literally living out of the trash dump. A long way from the comforts of our American lives. Note: Viewing this video can literally change your did for our precious friends, Chris & Valerie Hulshof (who are now in the process of adopting from Ethiopia).

So, this post will be the first of many leading up to, during and after what I believe will be a life-altering trip.

I want to share the opportunities that are/will be available for you to join me and join in the blessings to come through prayer, financial support and/or collecting donations for the children there. I will be forthcoming with more details regarding this soon but, your prayers, I'll take them starting n-o-w and thank you in advance for those.

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