Monday, March 30, 2009


In my 41 years, I've never known a time that there was more hurt and despair among the people that we know and love more than now.

In the past weeks as a church family, we have experienced loss after loss (through miscarriages, sudden deaths, illnesses and also on the job front). It seems that pain and disappointment runs rampant amongst us.

Today, I ask special prayer for the following families:

  • An unspoken for a hurting friend.
  • For the family of Jeremy Powers, a 21-year old husband (to Courtney), father (to Koby), son (to David & Tracy Noland), grandson (to Jan Noland) and nephew/cousin (to Kenny, Debbie, Alycia and Kacey) who lost his life suddenly in a motorcycle accident last week. I don't believe that I have ever attended a sadder young mother Courtney carried in that sweet 2 month old baby (who had just been released from Vanderbilt following heart surgery) to say goodbye to his Daddy. Continue to pray for little Koby's healing and strength.
  • For my friend Valerie Hulshof whose sweet mother, Betty, was found dead in her home yesterday afternoon (by Chris & Valerie). As we speak, she is meeting with the funeral home to make arrangements for this sudden loss. I don't believe I have ever known a mother and daughter who have a closer relationship/friendship. Please remember Chris, Valerie, Stephen, Alex and Avery as they adjust to life without Betty.
  • Another unspoken for friend's whose baby has received a difficult diagnosis.
  • For two of the dearest friends that our lives have ever known; who are struggling with their loss of income and accompanying uncertainties. Brent & Gina Bumgarner (Tara, Addison, Baylor and Blaine) and Danny & Paula Garrett (Erica, Erin, Eli and Ethan).
  • Phaedra Clemons' father, Luther, who was diagnosed with advanced cancer two weeks ago and her mother, Elaine, having biopsies done this week as well.
  • Niki and Bryan Ary who have experienced the loss of two sweet babies in the last year or so. I know that Niki had a day last week where these losses weighed heavy (heavier than other days) on her and I want to continue remembering her this week as well.
  • Tony & Aarol Williams - Tony who is dealing with neck/back pain and Aarol who is undergoing surgery on Wednesday.
  • My aunt, Wanda Castleman, who had MAJOR back surgery and developed other complications following.
  • Jason Kennedy's father who is battling cancer.

The list is long and, even now, I'm sure is incomplete for I know I have, at the moment, forgotten someone. God knows who they are.

My prayer for each of these is that they would see God in a way that they have never experienced before. That He would be so very real to them and that they would crawl up in His lap and feel loved. He knows our every want and our every need and I praise His name. I may not understand all that is happening (and I don't) but I know Who is in control and I trust His plan.


Debbie said...

I have never felt such despair before either. I just know that God is in control and He has a plan and we have to keep praising His name for it is all for His Glory. As hard as it is for us to understand I know God is Love.

Melissa Archambeault said...

Kelley, I have tried to understand why all of this is happening right here and now. I had prepared to go to learn more about our spiritual gifts, but after hearing about Ms. Betty.I then juststarted remembering all the people who I know personally along with myself who have lost loved ones it got to me.
I ended up running out because I couldn't breath so I left. I ended up finding a remote quite spot put my earbuds in and played my music,along with reading my bible and praying hard to come to terms with all of it. I felt a wave of peace pass over me and so I am holding on for everything that is happening because God is in control.Your blog is one of the tools I use to help me with my walk because I am still getting my feet in the word. so thanks.Melissa