Sunday, November 9, 2008

Trail Mix Moments

Edited to add....What was I thinking? Behind every good man is one great woman....thanks to Ridley's wife, Lisa, for this great thought.

This is another one of those things that I can't take credit for but I had to share. It is simply a recent post from a feed that I receive regularly by a local Pastor. It is so fitting to so many of our lives at this time and I couldn't help but share and want to give Ridley Barron the credit. Of course, over the years, as I've read Ridley's thoughts, I know he'd really want me to give credit to God and God alone and, of course, he'd be correct for He alone deserves all praise, honor and glory. Read Ridley's words below and enjoy.....

My wife tells me we are in the midst of trail mix moments. It’s just another one of those creative phrases she uses to keep life in perspective for all of us.

Like many of you, we are facing “stuff”—weird economy, growing kids, changing church and personal challenges that every believer deals with.

Anyway, I’ll let her words explain the whole “trail mix” thing to you....

“We are having some of the sweetest moments and some of the saltiest moments all at the same time. Obviously, I would much prefer to pick out the M&M’s and just enjoy the sweet moments but I am excited about what we are learning about being salt and light to the world in our salty moments. It makes me smile to say we have both. Too much salt leaves you dry and thirsty. I may not be “nuts” about the salty lessons but I do get excited how we know we are on the right track when we are in the midst of salty moments and, boy, I sure can taste those M&M’s better when they are mixed in with the salty. Can’t you?

Think about it. What a “sweet” reminder that ministry offers both. What a blessing that we are experiencing both right now. I am excited to take the next bite that Jesus has to offer. I pray that you and I enjoy our healthy trail mix and that we continue to hunger and thirst for righteousness.”

Good words. Great truths. Isn’t she “sweet”? Hope you enjoy all the flavors that life brings you today and remember that God is in both.


Linda said...

Great anology! I am certainly going to use it myself, it is perfect the salt and the sweet.

Ridley said...

Glad you like the entry. obviously, my wife deserves partial credit while God deserves the most. I like the way He inspires her to inspire me. Makes my job easier. You feel free to use anything at any time--for God's glory.

Debbie said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing. My life has been a barrel of trial mix here lately and this is a great way to look at it.

Jennifer F said...

Made me want some of your trail mix!