Friday, August 8, 2008


Update: For those of you who visited my blog when I originally posted this, you will notice a difference. I promise this will not become a habit. After having that last template for a couple of days, I decided it was too dark and went with something a little lighter and brighter.

You know those people who like to rearrange their furniture? I used to do that some but not so much anymore. However, I find myself very often wanting to give my blog a new look. Before now, I had done templates from Blogger and from Pyzam but was itching for something "cuter" so I give kudos to Leelou Custom Blog Design for my new look. This is not a custom design but a freebie that she has available. I have considered having a custom one designed but couldn't really justify that for my little tiny spot on the web. I have looked at Leelou's site on several occasions and went back there today for another look. She has apparently been OVERWHELMED with requests for custom work (and I understand why) and now has a waiting list. Maybe by the time she is ready to accept some more work, I'll have talked myself into something just for me.


Linda said...

Love it.I love the colors. so bright.
Hope church is great tomorrow.

amanda said...

you and your blog are way tooo cool to be my friend :)