Monday, July 7, 2008

Honey, Don't Look !!!

Sometimes my husband brags on my blog entries and even shares them with others. Those are the times when I am deep or say/write something that makes me seem as if I'm half-intelligent.

And then there are other times when...well...he doesn't. I think that today will be one of those times. So sue me. I can be shallow.

Even so, I admit, I love "The Bachelorette". I have always liked this show though some seasons I have been more and/or less "into it". Last season, I watched it very rarely. This time, I am loving it. DeAnna seems very real and she has used her knowledge of being on the other side very well I think.

The two remaining bachelorettes are Jesse, the cool Pro Snowboarder who lives in Colorado (go figure). He seems sweet but, I gotta tell you, they just don't "go together" to me.

Next is Jason who won my vote from the very first night of the show. He seems like an all American good guy and DeAnna has gotten a sneak peek at what a great Dad he is.

Last but not least....there is something in me that is not ruling Jeremy out just yet. Yes, I know how the show goes and I know that he didn't get a rose last time but ABC is all about a little surprise every now and again (remember that model girl) and, hey, girls do change their mind every now and then. I wasn't sure about ol' Jeremy to start with but now I'm kind of rooting for him.

Anyway, tonight is the Season Finale.

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Anonymous said...

I have sworn off this show several times. It always makes me mad at the end! But there is nothing on tv right now and I am watching "The Mole" so I started watching. Not a DeAnna fan. Didn't like her when she was the final two in Brad's season. I have read all the spoiler blogs but I won't tell you what all they are saying. We'll see tonight how correct they were. I like Jason of the final two but Graham was my fav. Kim