Saturday, May 31, 2008

Baxter aka "Woo Woo"

Earlier as I was adding images to my "favorite room" post, I ran across these of my sweet, sweet dog Baxter (more often referred to as "Woo Woo").

Baxter came to live with us around May of 2005, first as a Foster then later (in September, I believe) we were able to adopt him.

In January of that same year there was a raid of a puppy mill in my town. One lady had 238 dogs (mostly Maltese) and 24 cats IN.HER.HOME!!! The dogs were kept in crates stacked 3-5 high each housing 4-6 dogs. So sad. It was all over the news one evening so the next day I marched down to Animal Control with a donation and to find out what I could do to help out. I was put to work right away. I began to volunteer daily and attached rather quickly to this one little fella whose pen was in the floor of the hallway. He jumped up and down each day as we passed by cleaning, changing papers, feeding, watering, bathing, etc.

The County's shelter was VERY crowded and eventually, as we awaited the trial, we were all moved to an empty school building owned by the County. Finally, we were allowed to take the dogs home as fosters. However, the Judge eventually allowed her to choose two dogs to keep as house pets. She asked to see six dogs....mine included. It was a long night as we took him back to the Shelter and left him for her to visit and decide. Lucky for me but unlucky for two others, she chose two females and Baxter (who she referred to as Ricky by the way) was returned to us. I was so glad to see his little self that day...I just can't tell you how attached we already were.

He fits our family very well and likes me A LOT!!! He often just sits and stares admiringly at funny. He doesn't jump onto or off of furniture so wherever I place him is where he stays until someone decides to move him to his next location. He weighs in at a whopping 6 1/2 pounds and is just too too cute. He has had his little vocal cords cut (something she did to all of her adult dogs) and has the tiniest of barks.

(By the way, these pictures were taken in my real favorite bedroom...maybe I'll share more some other time.)

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Lauren and Justin said...

oh my goodness i just love him! adorable!! puppy mills just break my heart - so glad that you could rescue your pup too!