Friday, March 30, 2007

The dreaded DENTIST

Here we are....three whole posts into this blog and I'm now going to share what a wimp I am. I am HORRIFIED of the Dentist. To be very graphic, I'd rather have a pap smear than a dental cleaning. I can't explain it. I have never had any bad experiences unless, of course, they were so bad that I have buried them deep within my psyche. I just don't like it. I think that it has something to do with someone being so IN.MY.SPACE.

I have gone to many different dentists trying to see if I could find just the right one. This last time (in September) I tried the Dentist of my dear friend LeAnn. She not only referred me and gave Dr. Bradley raving reviews but she also forewarned the office that I was coming and that I was a big sissy. Actually, knowing LeAnn, she probably put it much nicer than that. Anyway, I went in September and actually did well. It had been over a year since I'd had a cleaning and I actually survived (can you believe it?). But the true test came today when the 6-month-visit came due. Two cleanings at the same office within the 6-month period that you're SUPPOSED to see the dentist. Could it possibly happen? Normally, when that second visit comes around, I'm looking for a new Dentist which, lucky for me, takes a year or so. Anyway, I am happy to announce that I did it. The sweet hygienist, Debbie, is a life saver. I think that she may have cured me. Yay for me!!! Yay for Debbie!!!

Of course now there's this little problem that I have called a broken tooth. It needs a crown. My appointment is set for April 13th so everyone pray that I have the guts to actually follow through. In this case, I don't know if I'm more leary of the visit or the $644.00 that it's going to cost me.

Just when I was getting over my paranoia.....


The Gordons said...

Hey---I found your blg through the comment you left on mine- I didn't know you had started one!!!!!


Helen Edlin said...

Kelley, bet I hate the dentist more!

Aunt Helen