Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Packing, unpacking and packing some more

If someone had videoed each of my many packing moments and pieced them together in one long (and I do mean, LONG) film, it would definitely fall into the "comedy" category. Deciding/knowing what I might need for 10 days in a third world country (a country, by the way, where it's currently winter and the rainy season) is daunting. It has been an ever-changing list but now it's time to be decisive and live with what I've brought along.

The whole packing saga often gives me glimpses of my "American-ness"; my selfishness and vanity (don't forget the flat iron!). The fact that all of my personal belongings for the 10 days must be packed into a carry-on and a backpack was quite shocking to me (my two checked bags have been filled with orphanage donations) but perspective is everything and I wouldn't trade an inch of space in one of those donation bags for another me thing. After all, the stuff in those bags will cover bare feet....and bare bottoms and, most of all, be an outward practical expression of the love I've come to show them. So what if I show them in dirty jeans. ; )

At the time I am finishing this post (I actually started it yesterday but never got back around to it), I am less than one hour from heading to the airport. I'm fairly laid back about most everything and, thus far, have been calm about this whole trip. However, in the last 24 hours, the nervousness and anxiousness have been turned up a notch (or TEN). I suddenly feel as if I am right there, on the precipice of something BIG....and I am. My sweet friend, Leigh, likened it earlier today to my wedding and the births of my children. BIG events, LOTS of anxiety and fear but AWESOME blessings in the end.

As my fears and anxieties have increased so have the calls, the texts, the facebook messages and the prayers. God is just good like that.

I will post if I can while I'm away. And, if I can't, be ready for a doozy when I return.


Leigh said...

I can hardly wait! Huge prayers for you and your lil sis. You are so loved. Soli deo Gloria.

Anonymous said...

Kelly, this is the first time that i have visited this blog-what an awesome task is before you and your sister. Great works of God through you two-prayers for safety and blessings everyone involved. Know that you are being prayed for by groups of people that you do not even know-Bless you on your journey!

s. cameron