Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Do You Know What An Ordinary Hero Looks Like?

I sure do.

As I prepare for my trip to Ethiopia, the "ordinary heroes" just keep showing up. They show up in the form of ladies at church who bring me little boys & girls underwear for the children of Ethiopia because they heard that the littles there love their own undies. They appear in the form of sweet friends who bring me Crocs and rain boots to share with children who have none for their bare feet. They are out there combing the shelves of yard sales and thrift shops for sweet little dolls and then taking them home and cleaning them up before delivering them to me so that some little girl will have a fresh, clean baby to love. They are friends and family who quietly donate online through Visiting Orphans toward my trip costs. They spend a day working hard at our fundraising yard sale; they clean out closets and donate items we can sell (and sell we did....yard sale post coming soon). They clip coupons and, weekly, bring me bags of toothpaste and toothbrushes to donate to the people of Korah. They sell Ugandan magazine beads in their offices and hair salons because they believe in the cause and they drop off things like Dum Dums (suckers) and Matchbox cars out of nothing but love.

And sometimes they are sweet little boys who, for their birthday, ask their friends to bring items for the children of Ethiopia instead of gifts for himself. And just like that story we've all heard about the starfish. He/we can't save them all but he/we can make a difference for at least one.

Thanks to one of my favorite ordinary heroes, Eli; I am so very proud of the sacrifice that you made on behalf of the children in Ethiopia who will be so very blessed by the gifts of you and your friends.

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