Wednesday, March 2, 2011


To fundraise or not to fundraise....that is the question.

I believe, in Missions, that there are those who GO and those who GIVE. In years past, Jeff & I (for various reasons) have been unable to GO; however, we have been so very blessed to be able to GIVE.

And now that I have decided to GO, I have struggled with whether or not to fundraise for the trip but, in the end, we decided that we DID share in the blessings on those trips that we were able to GIVE toward. We don't want to steal that blessing from anyone; therefore, I will be doing some fundraising leading up to this trip.

First, you may visit Visiting Orphans and make a tax deductible donation there by clicking on the "Donate" link. Once there, you'll answer "yes" to the question regarding whether or not your gift should be designated to a particular team member. At that point, you enter my name in the allocated field.

Second, Ordinary Hero will give 40% of all of the proceeds from their sales at THIS LINK to my trip. I love this organization....I love their products. I love their motto. I love their message. You really can "change the world for one". (If you plan to purchase from OH, you must use the specific link above in order for me to receive credit for your on "THIS LINK" above).

Edited to add: Ordinary Hero is matching proceeds for the first fundraiser to reach $300.00 in purchases.....if you're thinking of buying yourself an OH t-shirt or cool bag, jump on over now and place your order. : )

Third, at some point later (details to come), we will likely be having two different Yard Sales. We will have one at my sister's in Murfreesboro in the Spring (possibly later this month) and one later at my home (maybe June) in Brentwood. We have LOTS of great stuff coming in which should make for a great sale!!!! Will keep you posted.

Thank you, in advance, for your support.

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Leslie Word said...

Hi Kelley! Excited you are going with Visiting Orphans- one of our friends is actually on staff with them and leads many of the trips!!! Let me know if you ever have questions about the DRC process! :)