Friday, December 19, 2008

God Is Good All The Time...All The Time God Is Good

I have attempted on many occasions to begin this post.

Though I do not have a large following, I do know that this blog is read by a sampling of people who a.) know me very well and/or b.) do not know me at all. Then there are other people who I know read this blog; people who know of me or think that they know me or at least know something about me but who, in reality, (pardon my bluntness) do not have a clue. There are people who come here to read my blog to see if they can find out something that, quite honestly, is none of their business. It is because of those people that I hesitate to write this post. It is because of those people that I have started and stopped and started and stopped and started again writing of the deep hurt that I have experienced this past week.

To revisit the past months, I am a member of a brand new church, Providence Baptist Fellowship. We became a congregation as the result of what I consider to be an ugly split. My former church was home for my family for some 20+ years and the parting came with much sorrow, MUCH prayer and 100% certainty that God was leading us to do so.

In the past six months (since the split), He has provided for this new church in some UNBELIEVABLE ways; continuously confirming that we were where He intended us to be.

With all of that said, our beloved pastor and friend resigned from PBF this past week due to a moral failure. This body of believers once again is experiencing hurt unlike anything that we have previously known. However, God continues to confirm that PBF is His church and that we are, were and always have been serving Him...not man. We will press on for I know, even more today, that we must be scaring the you-know-what out of Satan. Were he not worried about us, he would have already left us alone.

The emotions and responses to this are many and it is early to have been able to fully filter through them all; however, I am certain of these things:

  • God is still in control.
  • Men will sin.
  • He will and does forgive.
  • We are called to do the same; after all, we have been forgiven.
  • Satan is alive and well.
  • Ministry is hard.
  • He can use anything, anyone, any situation at any time.
  • My sin and your sin are equal.
  • There is only one God.
  • Gossip is painful.
  • People tell lies.
  • Restoration does happen.
  • People are watching.
  • We have a choice in how we react.
  • No man is better than another.
  • God MIGHTILY used a man who has now fallen; that doesn't make him less of a man or even less God's man.
  • God can and will use man's successes and his failures.
  • This is not about me.
  • Providence Baptist Fellowship will press on; doing the work that we have been called to do with great expectation for what He has in store for us.
  • God is good....all the time.
  • All the time....God is good.

Because He died and rose again,



Debbie said...

I am still filtering through my feelings but there is one thing I know for sure GOD IS STILL IN CONTROL!!! Thank you for sharing your heart. I love you girl!!

Linda said...

Kelley, I am soooo sorry. God is in control for sure and it looks like you have a great grasp of so many things. When man lets us down (and they will) God is still the same. Oh sweet Kelley, God is certainly busy teaching, pruning, and cleaning. I pray hearts are ready and willing to move on with God in whatever direction he has for them. Thank you for your transparency.
Blessings my friend,

Jennifer Frazier said...

I have so many times last week wanted to email you but didn't know what to say! I know you are hurting and me and Jon are praying for your family and your church. I love you dearly and am so thankful that you know God is still in control. He has a purpose and plan for everything. Keep seeking him in all you do.