Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Top Ten Pet Peeves

Okay...can I first just say that I'm having a little writer's block. I know that that is terribly upsetting to the 1's of you that come here to read something fabulous but it is what it is.

I have even gone to the point of googling "blog post ideas" without a lot of luck. For now, I think I'll share my top ten pet peeves and ask.......what peeves you???

1. Braggers. What a turn-off. I was always taught that if you have to brag about it, it probably isn't true.

2. People who don't update their blog. Yes, this might just make me hypocritical but I'm being honest here. Don't you know that we are dying to nose into your life. Along the same line, I always wish that people would leave their blinds open so that I can see into their homes.

3. People who leave their Christmas decorations up/out too long. And by "too long" I mean February 1st would be my limit and that's really ssttrreettcchhiinngg it. Enough is enough already. I come by this honestly as my Mom is often known to take hers down Christmas DAY.

4. And along the same line as #3.....people who put fake/silk flowers outdoors in containers, window boxes, etc. Actually, most (not all) silk flowers bother me.

5. People who are not dependable. Nothing gripes me more than for someone to say that they are going to do something that they do not follow through on.

6. In the texting world, I can't stand the "shorthand" that is used. Of course, I take FOR.EVER to text my son because I spell out every word (You instead of U) and use proper punctuation. That probably makes me someone else's pet peeve.

7. Having your heels run over by a shopping cart. Typically this has been done by one of my children. OUCH!

8. Whining. And I'm not talking about the kind that is done by children here (though that is annoying as well). I'm speaking more about the "woe is me" adults who whine about something but never DO anything to improve their situation(s).

9. People who are unfaithful to their spouses and, in turn, their children. This one's on my heart right now due to a situation that is happening with someone that we know. Please pray for this family.

10. People who think that their golden-haired children can do no wrong. Trust me....mine are capable and actually, very likely, to make poor choices along the way. After all, they're being parented by ME. It's that whole, "MYYY baby would NEVER do anything like that" attitude. That's one of those phrases that WILL come back to bite you in the butt some day.

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Linda said...

ok,ok. I updated. :) I know what you mean about people updating their blogs I visit and see the same post over and over and I am so guilty of it myself. I ditto so many of what you wrote but fake flowers outside is really silly looking to me as well.