Friday, June 27, 2008

The Many Faces of Braeden

I did a post recently about my oldest son, Jordan (and have another coming up), and how he has suddenly become a young man and, ever since that day, I've been meaning to follow up with a post about my youngest, Braeden.

Braeden is a sweet spirited boy who, can I just say, LOVES his Mama. He is such a fun kid. He does and has always been able to entertain himself for hours on end with the simplest of toys. He is so very loyal. To his friends and to his current "thing"...whatever that is.

I think back to him as an infant and toddler and he so LOVED his pacifiers. One was never enough. He had one in his mouth and one in his hand at all times. If and when he couldn't find the "hand one", he'd walk around pointing the finger on one hand at the palm of the other. So, so cute. From there, he graduated to "Blue's Clues". Oh my! For I don't know how many years, he carried around a Handy Dandy Notebook and the crayon had to be in the spiral just like Steve's. If the crayon was ever lost or broken, we had to buy another. In years since, he's been totally devoted to Buzz Lightyear and Woody, Star Wars, SpiderMan, Ben 10, Naruto, Pokemon and Bakugan (to name a few) but they never overlap. He is an all or none kind of kid.

Much to his father's dismay, he does not care for baseball or football. He does do okay with basketball but, for the most part, could live without organized sports altogether. He loves to ride his bike, play with his friends, etc.

He makes friends easily and is well-liked. He has several friends who he has known for many years who he doesn't see regularly at all but, it always amazes me, how easily they pick back up once they are together. Henry, Fisher and Luke are amongst these. Though much time can pass between visits with these guys he talks about them all of the time; reminding me that he hasn't seen them in a long time. He is some kind of hero to his boy cousins who are 7, 6, 5 and 4 (I guess 10-year-olds are cool when you are their ages) and Tate is awfully fond of him too.

If I do say so myself, he is cuter than cute but one of the funniest things about Braeden are the faces that he makes.

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