Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers Day !!!

To my Husband....for seeking God always, for leading by example in all that you do, for your strong work ethic, your unconditional love; for the men that you are making our sons out to be and for never doing anything half way. I love that you teach my sons everyday how to treat their future wives. Those will be two lucky girls if they learn at all from you. I love you!!!

To my Dad....who taught me what hard work is and that anything worth doing is worth doing right, how important it is to honor your father & mother; he never speaks badly of others, and went to the ends of the earth to save my Willie-dog when he was severely burned and who always tells us how proud he is of who we are. I love you!!!

To my Stepfather....who makes us all laugh (always), who loved my Mom enough to put up with three girls who, frankly, weren't sure we wanted to like you back and who has always treated us as his own. In addition, can I just say that he jumped right in and never flinched when we three girls needed him to purchase...uh hmmm...feminine products at the store. (He used to buy them, literally, by the buggy full) I love you!!!

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Your hubby Jeff said...

Hey sweety. Thanks so much for your kind words. I love you very much and appreciate you very much as well.